Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

A Look into Space Is Worth the Wait

John Armstrong Mug

I just returned from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and, boy, do I have some exciting news: The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has a new launch date. JWST is NASA’s next-generation, flagship telescope, built to replace the Hubble Space Telescope and...

Guest Commentary

In a community full of needs, how may we help?

Bob Hunter

The great Utah teacher, writer and humanitarian, Lowell L. Bennion, once wrote a book with the simple title, “How Can I Help?” He died in 1996, the year it was published. But those who knew him knew his life had been lived in thoroughly responding to that question — “How can...

Guest Commentary

Science Fiction Benefits Science


Each year, Weber State University’s College of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology helps sponsor FyreCon, a convention dedicated to the creative side of fantasy and science fiction. Why would an engineering college sponsor a conference focused on everything from “What is...


The Homefront: Together for 75 years -- the how and the why


Don and Ruth Graves of North Ogden recently celebrated their 75th anniversary. That’s not a typo. They married in 1943 just out of high school. She was 17; he was 18. Most folks would like to know how the Graves managed to stay together for 75 years. Some might like to know why. Sifting...

Guest Commentary

A Business Leader's Perspective on Weber County’s Use of Contractors

Jason Williams.jpg

As a local business owner and resident, I would like to express my appreciation to Weber County for implementing some of the best practices that make the private sector thrive. One of these practices is the use of external contractors. Sound crazy? Hear me out. In local government, you’ve...

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